Bellator 284 Odds and Predictions

Bellator 284 Odds and Predictions

Gracie Vs Yamauchi Bellator Aug 12

Bellator 284 odds are showing several one sided matches, with five fights showing -600 odds or stronger. Expect a night of big favorites and bigger upsets, and we’ll cover our high and low risk betting picks starting with the main event, the return of Neiman Gracie against Goiti Yamauchi. 

How to Watch and Bet on Bellator 284

Bellator 284: Gracie vs Yamauchi airs on Friday, August 12th, 2022. You can watch the early prelims on Youtube starting at 6:00 PM ET. All thirteen fights have a Place Bet Button below them, taking you to a top MMA betting website for this event. We’ve pulled the Bellator 284 odds from 

Bellator 284 Predictions 

Here is our list of low risk bets for each bout, including Bellator 284 odds picks for the early prelims on Youtube. 

 Gracie Money Line -185
Mowry vs Moldivasky: Over 2.5 Rounds -135
Macfarlane Money Line -124
Saricam vs Sowma: Over 1.5 Rounds -130
Vanderford Money Line -192
Hill Money Line -162
Bennett Money Line -250
Cauley vs Jeffries: Under 1.5 Rounds -240
Downey Money Line -1500
Schoenfelder Money Line -1500
McKee vs Ortega: Fight Goes to Decision, No -230
Bret Bye +112


Bellator 284 Odds 

Each fight will have a quick run down of the most common betting picks, and we’ll make a few predictions based on what we see in the stats and fight tape. The ‘low risk prediction’ is our final pick, but you may want to see the high risk predictions if you’re looking for bigger payouts and steering away from parlay betting tickets. 

Goiti Yamauchi +160 vs Neiman Gracie -185 

Neiman lost to Storley as a -165 favorite in his February bout, putting him at 2-3 since his first loss to Rory MacDonald in 2019. He’s been the underdog in only one loss at +350. Yamauchi is also a submission specialist, one that fought at 170 pounds for the majority of his career and lost to Michael Chandler at +175. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Yamauchi vs Gracie 


Yamauchi Money Line

Gracie Money Line 

Over 3.5, Under 3.5 Rounds 
-130, +100

Gracie by Submission 

Yamauchi by Points

Gracie by Submission in Round 3 

Gracie is the larger fighter in his first showing at Welterweight, and has the more proven submission skill. His one TKO finish isn’t enough to sway us toward his ‘inside the distance’ prop bet odds at +140. Throughout his career with Bellator , Yamauchi has won only two decisions. T

he Bellator 284 odds reflect the decision to be one of Yamauchi’s only real paths to victory. 

High Risk Prediction: Gracie by Submission +250

Nieman has nine of his eleven victories. He’s facing a fighter that will no doubt grapple with him at some point in the fight. Expect Gracie to look for grappling opportunities with a near constant pace. We think a counter submission strategy is likely. 

Low Risk Prediction: Gracie Money Line -185

Neiman is one of Bellator’s biggest stars. The odds look close, but the organization wants to see Gracie look good at welterweight, and they’ve offered an opponent just tough enough to make that happen. The main event Bellator 284 odds payout winnings of $35.21 per $100 wager. Click the link below to check out the full list of markets and bets for Gracie vs Yamauchi


Steve Mowry +170 vs Valentin Moldavsky -200

Mowry is the underdog for the first time in his career against the Alexander Emelianenko trained phenom, Moldavsky. Valentin lost to Ryan Bader in January as a -175 favorite. He’s been to decision five fights in a row, a direct contrast to Mowry’s ten career finishes in a row. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Mowry vs Moldavsky 


Mowry Money Line

Moldavsky Money Line 

Over 2.5, Under 2.5 Rounds 
-135, +105

Goes the Distance, No

Mowry by Submission

Moldavsky by Points

Mowry by submission is the best method of victory prop. Valentin has never been submitted, but his BJJ is under question against higher level opponents. Moldavsky hasn’t seen a finish since 2018 just after his Bellator debut, and has scored only four as a professional. 

High Risk Prediction: Moldavsky by Points +135

Mowry hasn’t touched this level of competition before. It’s unlikely he can submit a guy who won a decision against Albrektsson and Nelson, and Mowry’s recent performance against grappler Nick Rodriguez leads us to believe his Bellator competition hasn’t been up to speed. 

Low Risk Prediction: Over 2.5 Rounds -135

Mowry will get the test of his life on Friday. It’s not that he can’t win, it’s that it won’t be easy. This will come down to who is the better wrestler inside the clinch, and we may see a long and boring clinch war against the fence. The Bellatory 284 betting odds show winnings for the Over pay $74.07 per $100 wager. 

Bruna Ellen +104 vs Ilima-Lei Macfarlane -124

Macfarlane is 0-2 in her last two showings, marking the first two losses of a decorated submission fighting career. Ellen was a +500 underdog in her last loss to champion Velasquez, but upset Veta Areaga as a +165 by split decision. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Ellen vs Macfarlane 


Ellen Money Line

Macfarlane Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
-325, +250

Macfarlane by Submission 

Ellen by Points 

Ellen has become the queen of grasping split decisions. She’s won her last four fights by decision and is yet to score a Bellator finish. This could be a great comeback fight for Macfarlane, who’s taking a massive step down in competition to score a win. 

High Risk Prediction: Macfarlane by Submission +500

She’s subbed six Bellator opponents in her career, including Emily Ducote and Middleton, who beat Ellen in 2016. Mac has been working on some pro grappling matches, recently subbing Jessica Eye, and the five times payout is tough pass up. 

Low Risk Prediction: Macfarlane Money Line -124

Bruna Ellen has lost to too many of the fighters Macfarlane has bested for this to be competitive. We expect a near blow out, though the Bruna Ellen points spread may entice a few of her fans given the split decision history. 

Gokhan Saricam -180 vs Said Sowma +155

Sowma has gone 2-2 since late 2020. He’s a finishing machine that’s going up against Saricam on a three fight winning streak. Saricam’s only loss is Mowry by submission in 2019. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Saricam vs Sowma 


Saricam Money Line

Sowma Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
-130, +100

Goes the Distance, No 

Saricam -3.5 Points 

Sowma is the underdog for the fourth time in his career. He upset Minakov due to a broken finger in 2021, but lost the other two at +150 and +200. 

Moderate Risk Prediction: Saricam -3.5 Points -120 

Saricam can be a quick finisher, but Sowma has never been knocked out. I see a decision with Sowma winning no more than one round. 

Low Risk Prediction: Over 1.5 Rounds -130 

With both fighters having only one loss via finish, expect the fight to go late into the second.

Sowma’s conditioning is in question and he could lose in the third, so avoid the decision prop.


Aaron Jeffery +165 vs Austin Vanderford -190

Vanderford lost his title attempt against Mousasi, but is still one of the best grapplers at 185. His comeback fight is against a striker on a two fight winning streak after a loss at DWCS. Jefferey’s lost twice to quality grapplers in the Contender Series. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Jefferey vs Vanderford 


Jeffrey Money Line

Vanderford Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
-220, +180

Vanderford is the weakest favorite he’s been since his DWCS win in 2018. Clearly the loss to Mousasi set him back in the minds of some analysts. . 

High Risk Prediction: Vanderford by Points +120

He’s the better grappler, with a long history of derailing hype trains. Jefferey has no former wrestling at a high level, and his gym Niagara Top Team isn’t the best camp to close that gap. 

Low Risk Prediction: Vanderford Money Line -192

He’s going to bounce back from this title attempt with another decision win. Vanderford’s ability to neutralize fighters will mimic both of Jefferey’s DWCS losses. 

Josh Hill -162 vs Marcos Breno +142

Hill is 5-1 in his last six bouts, losing only to champion Raufeon Stots. Breno has knockout power and tends to swing for the fences. He’s a tough fighter, but lacks refinement and technique in grappling exchanges. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Hill vs Breno 


Hill Money Line

Breno Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
-165, +135

Breno’s only real hope is a TKO. He has a minimal odds history. Hill hasn’t lost as the favorite in his Bellator career. 

High Risk Prediction: Breno by TKO +600, Hill by Points +125

Either bet has a decent payout and chance of success.

I’d say one in seven times this fight ends by Breno TKO. All others end in Hill by decisions. 

Low Risk Prediction: Hill Money Line -162

With the better grappling, more technical striking, and a history of edging out decisions against better fighters, Hill should take the win in a split or majority decision. Hill’s Bellator 284 odds pay winnings of $61.73 per $100 wager. 

Sullivan Cauley -1200 vs Tyson Jeffries +650 

Another extremely one sided bout, with the undefeated understudy of Ryan Bader facing off against a fighter who’s struggled at the local level. This is an opportunity for Cauley to show off his skill.

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Cauley vs Jeffries 


Cauley Money Line

Jeffries Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
+190, -240

Jefferies has a high rate of finish, but has lost by finish in at least seven fights. 

High Risk Prediction: Cauley by TKO -160

Cauley has finished all three fights via TKO. Given Jeffries history of being knocked out, and losing his last fight in first round TKO four years ago, we should see some similar outcomes. 

Low Risk Prediction: Under 1.5 Rounds -240

Here we are protected against any Jeffries upsets as well as the normal outcome of a bout with Cauley. Bet the under for $41.67 in winnings on a $100 wager.

Deanna Bennett -250 vs Justine Kish +210

Bennett won her February Bellator showing via decision, smashing two fighters in a row at 37 years old. Kish just lost to Bennett two fights ago, and has now gone 1-3 over her last four bouts. Take the easy road on this one and bet the Bennett Money Line -250.


Jeff Souder +750 vs Patrick Downey -1500

Downey is a very high level wrestler making his MMA debut. He’s facing off against the 2-2 debuting Souder who has lost decisions against much lower quality wrestlers. It’s going to be a bad night for Souder. Parlay the Downey money line for an easy payout. 


Isaiah Hokit -900 vs Nick Perez +550

Perez missed weight so this fight was canceled. You may see odds for this fight, but don’t bet them. 

Bailey Schoenfelder -1500 vs Mark Currier +750

Heavyweight Schoenfelder has back to back knockouts to start his pro career. He’s facing off against the inconsistent Mark Currier, who’s been knocked out once already in his short pro career. 

Bellator 284 Betting Odds for Schoenfelder vs Currier 


Schoenfelder Money Line

Currier  Money Line 

Over 1.5, Under 1.5 Rounds 
+325, -425

Schoenfelder by TKO 

High Risk Prediction: Schoenfelder by TKO -175

With two KOs to his name, fight tape shows it’ll be another easy night for Bailey. Currier doesn’t appear to have much in the way of traditional MMA training. 

Low Risk Prediction: Schoenfelder Money Line -1500

Even if Currier can survive, it won’t be his night. Bet the favorite for yet another easy parlay pick. 

Mitchell McKee -900 vs Tony Ortega +550

 Ortega is 5-4 against moderate local fighters. He’s going to struggle against the Kill Cliff FC phenom McKee, with a D2 wrestling background. 

High Risk Prediction: McKee by TKO +125

He’s finished two fights by TKO, and Ortega has been finished three times, though never by TKO. It’s a slight risk. 

Low Risk Prediction: Fight Goes to Decision, No -230

Stay covered against an Ortega upset. He swings for the fences and has multiple flash knockouts. 

Brett Bye +112 vs MA Yah Ii -132

In one of the more competitive bouts of the night, we’re looking at former South Dakota wrestler Brett Bye to eke out the decision win. Bet the upset at +112. 

Author: Frank Miller